SL Chronicle Promotional Campaign

camapaignThese are posters created for Student Life Chronicle


ACC Jazz Ensemble: Musicians at Heart, Philanthropists in Deed

ACC’s Jazz Ensemble is well known in the Austin Community. The group is also known at the national level. It has played at inaugural balls for both of President Obama’s inaugurations. But how well do ACC students know the ensemble? The audio report I produced for Accent newspaper takes a closer look at the group. Continue reading

The Price of Media Coverage

Alemayehu Weldemariam is ACC’s first International Visiting Scholar. Because of comments made about his government in a newspaper interview, he was at risk of harm in his home country of Ethiopia. Hear about his hopes and plans in this audio interview I conducted with him for Accent newspaper. Do we take our freedom of speech too lightly here in America? Continue reading

Email Etiquette and the Art of Business Communication

I wrote the following article for Accent newspaper. Although email may not be considered a form of social media in the truest sense of the word, concepts of professional conduct applied to email would be well received in the realm of social media. What do you think ? The original article may be found at Continue reading

Results for best college newspapers are in

Dan Reimold, Ph.D., writes for College Media Matters and has posted a list of the top college newspapers of 2012 as reported by the Princeton Review.  Can community college newspapers compete with the papers of four-year schools? Continue reading

Social media threatens to replace the traditional news interview

As a news consumer, would you be comfortable if your favorite newspaper, or news program used texts and tweets to confirm information instead of old-fashioned, in-person interviews? The following article by attorney Mike Hiestand of the Student Press Law Center explores perils of e-reporting. Continue reading

Social media blitz

In recent years social media has come to play a prominent role in journalism. This semester I will learn how to use this powerful tool more effectively. Continue reading