Piano art exhibit brings music to Austin

The interactive art exhibit Play Me, I’m Yours struck a major chord with the Austinites who came out to play and decorate 14 pianos that were strategically placed throughout downtown Austin. Participants ranged from accomplished musicians to curious passers-by.

Exhibit organizers, artist Johnny Walker and Art Alliance Austin, placed pianos in locations such as City Hall Plaza, the First Street Pedestrian Bridge, W Austin, and the Long Center. The exhibit was created by British artist Luke Jarrem in 2008 and has since made the international rounds. Austin is the 17th city to host the musical display.

Below is a video documenting the art exhibit.

*   *   *

This is our first multimedia story. Well, let me qualify that. This is the first multimedia piece that I’ve worked on for Accent with Assistant/Life & Arts Editor Sarah Vasquez and Lead Photographer Edgar Rodriguez.

Sarah was grooming Edgar and me to take over multimedia operations at Accent after she graduates from ACC this  May and moves on to Texas State University.  We’ll miss you, Sarah.

As seen in the video, the weather was most cooperative. It was warm, sunny and clear. I enjoyed seeing how people interacted with the display.

One lady sat down at a piano, mentioned her childhood piano lessons, and went on to play Mary had a Little Lamb and then Ragtime. Others came by, poked at the keys and admired the way the pianos had been decorated.

One of my favorite memories of this assignment was how the couple we filmed seemed to forget we were there and just had a great time with each other and the piano. I really enjoy these multimedia assignments.

Here is a link to the Accent  multimedia page. This and other multimedia stories are available there.

One response to “Piano art exhibit brings music to Austin

  1. I think this was a wonderful and fun project Piano art exhibit.

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