May 6, 2011

After nearly half a lifetime,  I know beyond the shadow of a doubt, what I want to be when I grow up. From accountant, to lawyer, to stay-at-home mom; I’ve strolled, skipped, and sometimes limped along the winding path that led me to journalism. With clarity and determination, I am now on the road to pursuing my passion and achieving my professional goals.

From here I start anew.

This blog includes reflections on my first year as a journalist, glimpses into my thought process, and plans for my future career as a media convergence specialist.

I will post writing samples and examples of my multimedia work, and  I will share experiences and lessons learned along the way. Feel free to leave comments, encouragement, and advice. I ‘d love to hear from you. I’ll even take the criticism 🙂 .

Warm Regards, Era Sundar

About the Header:

The header is a collage of articles that I wrote during my first semester of journalism studies. The publications shown are the Accent Newspaper of Austin Community College and the Hill Country/Four Points News, a newspaper serving the Four Points community of Austin, Texas.


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